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Miami On Wheels

IQON TR Decode Pro 80 Dark Combo

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Decoding processed successfully. Time to welcome this revolutionary frame and bearing concept breaking chains by leaving setup choices up to you. Licensed TRINITY mounting standard for superb control and the lowest possible center of gravity. Quality frames for all sorts of urban and street skating with a max wheel size of 3x100 or 4x80mm. Just blade it. This Combo package comes with a 16-pack of fitting IQON Decode GOLD bearings and all necessary hardware - ready to roll. #AUGMENTEDMOBILITY

Included: IQON GOLD bearings, AL spacers, 6 washers 1mm thick, 6 screws 10mm, 6 screws 12mm, 6 screws 15mm, 1 IQON tool Torx T25

Setup: 4x80mm or 3x100mm