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Gawds Wheel Martina Svobodova 60mm 88a (4 Pack)

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Martina Svobodova is one of the best female aggressive skaters in the world. Killing big handrails on the streets or pulling technical grinds in the skatepark, Martina is a force to be reckoned with. We couldn’t think of anyone else who deserves their own pro wheel as much as Martina, and GAWDS has made it happen. Matching her personality and skating style perfectly, made of high-quality urethane, this new GAWDS pro wheel is 60mm / 88a giving skaters a smooth, fast ride whether you’re in the skatepark or doing your best impression of Martina and ripping up the streets. The purple color scheme and dog-themed graphics make this gorgeous wheel stick out from the rest. Support Martina and pick up her all-new pro wheel today.


Size - 60mm
Hardness - 88A
Profile - Round
Color - Purple