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Miami On Wheels

Gawds Plastic Cuff - White

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Get the perfect fit and support for your skating with our Gawds 1 Cuff for inline skates. Made with durable materials, this cuff provides a secure and comfortable fit that keeps your feet in place while you throw tricks. The v-cut design allows you to achieve the fit to your individual needs, providing optimal support and stability. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our Cuff for Gawds 1 (and Aton) skates are a must-have accessory for your skating gear. Available in white and a variety of sizes, order now and take your inline skating to the next level!


Size Chart:

36-39 /  Up to sz 7

40-43 / sz 7.5 - 10

44-47 /  sz 10.5 or larger